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The Secret to Creating Long-Lasting Habit Change

Our lives are built on habits.  These habits drive many of the actions you take on any given day.  Brushing your teeth, working out, eating healthy food, and drinking alcohol are all habits in which we knowingly choose to partake. Generally speaking, creating beneficial habits leads to more positive outcomes and, in turn, the creation of other beneficial habits. But …

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Ways to Quit Multitasking

I was going about my business doing my daily surveys yesterday when I came across the following two questions: “Do you multitask?” Yes, of course, I thought.  Doesn’t everyone?  We live in a world where if you’re not multitasking, you’re not busy enough.  And if you’re an information worker, you probably need to multitask to complete the amount of work …

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Spicy Roasted Chickpeas

Many of the snack foods we see nowadays in grocery store aisles are ultra-processed with tons of added ingredients, many of which are hard to understand.  We know they aren’t the most healthy, but they deliver the flavor and crunch we’ve grown to crave. These spicy roasted chickpeas are one of my favorite simple snacks that will satisfy your craving …

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How to Develop the Habit of Reading One Book a Week (or at least read more!)

According to the Pew Research Center, Americans read an average of 12 books per year, which equates to one book a month.  Despite this statistic, 27% of Americans reported reading no books in the last 12 months. Reading one book a week sounds like a lot to most people. But it’s been almost two years since I first set out …

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6 Beautiful Benefits of Vacation

“I need a vacation.” I’m willing to bet we’ve all said those words at one point in time.  Feelings of exhaustion and disconnectedness typically accompany the phrase.  Whether you’ve hit your limit and are feeling burnt out or have simply been working hard for a long stretch, taking a vacation to reset your body and mind pays dividends. Sometimes actually …

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Healthy Snacks for a Road Trip

It can be challenging to try and eat well on the road.  Perhaps some of my most mindless snacking happens during endless hours on the highway.  The biggest struggle I face is being ill-prepared, which typically results in grabbing chips and candy at the gas station along our route. If you’ve seen my posts on clean eating or healthy dinner …

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