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Keeping a Reading List

There are so many incredible books to read, and so little time.  For an avid reader like myself, a reading list is one of the main things I do to keep myself organized (and to help me remember why I wanted to read a book in the first place). It’s also one of the reasons why I’m able to read one book a week.

Why should you keep a reading list?

Especially if you have reading goals (monthly or yearly), keeping a list is one of the best ways to keep you on track. If your goal is to read one book a month, start by coming up with a list of the 12 books that are your highest priority. It will feel much more attainable once you write them down. Not to mention, it will serve as a great reminder to buy or rent the next book when your current read is getting towards the end.

My reading list

Since I’ve found such value from keeping a reading list, I’ve decided to post my reading list on the blog. I’ll be updating it weekly with my current reads, book recommendations, and what I’m planning on next.  My hope is this may inspire you to pick up a book you’ve meant to read, or perhaps begin a reading list of your own!

Do you already keep a reading list and love it? Are you feeling inspired to start? Let me know about it in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Keeping a Reading List”

  1. How do you maintain your reading list? For years I had a notebook where I would track titles and completion dates but that didn’t last long into my college years. For the past couple of years, I have been using the Goodreads app to track my reading. It’s helped me find new books and authors based on what I have read and reviewed, as well as what my friends are reading. It’s also been great to track progress so I can pick up where I left off when a new release from the library is inevitably due back before I finish it! I set a goal to read 16 books this year and thanks to the pandemic and midday reading breaks while working from home, I have read 21! 8)

    1. That’s amazing that you’ve already been able to read 21! At least this pandemic is good for something, huh?

      I like the Goodreads app and use that to track what I’m reading sometimes as well. I haven’t yet used it for recommendations since I feel I’m always working from a backlog, but I’ll make a note to check those out. The majority of my book recommendations come from podcasts, and the more podcasts I find, the more books hit the list. But I’m fairly old fashioned, and I do still keep my reading list on paper! Selfishly, putting it up on the blog has been a good way for me to stay organized, too!

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